Reactive LED Coffee Table – Arduino

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Reactive LED Coffee Table – Arduino

Completion of a project. Two 24″ x 26″ boards (pegboard) filled with 818 blue LEDs, 160 IR emitters, and 190 IR receivers. All organized into 190 “nodes” and powered by two Arduino micro-controllers. I built the coffee table and sized the inner cabinet to accommodate these pegboard reactive surfaces.

The two pieces of pegboard (as well as a good view of the wire “nest” beneath them) can be seen being tested here:

The original prototype board can be seen here:
This link also contains a vast amount of information such as motivation, similar projects by others, and more on components used.

Camera is a bit old, and low quality. Also, the IR doesn’t show up on the camera (IR is invisible to the naked eye, but digital cameras tend to pick it up). Another video was taken with a newer camera, but the IR is more visible on this one:

The “making of” video:




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