Arduino Weather Station – Internet of Things and the Particle Photon

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Arduino Weather Station – Internet of Things and the Particle Photon

For me, discussing the weather is more than idle small talk. So when I got interested in web-enabled electronics (the Internet of Things), I knew immediately that my first project be related to the first thing I do when I log onto my computer at work each day: check the weather. This “weather station” simply pulls weather data from the internet and displays it using analog electrical panel meters.

The brains of the project is the Particle Photon which is pretty much a tiny Arduino with a wifi chip. The actual weather station is made of a scrap of walnut. The panel meters have custom faces that I designed in DraftSight, which is a free cad program. The weather data is provided by

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Errata: The barometer meter face shown in the video has a mistake. I accidentally shifted it up by 100 millibar. The scale should actually read 960-1060 millibar, which will cover normal atmospheric pressure in most places.

Music: Marxist Arrow – Twin Musicom
Thanks: My brother’s company for printing the panel meters (




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